The download_and_compile team clone has been rebuilt as of 1:15 AM
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 (UTC) if you cloned it locally, you'll
want to move or delete your local clone and get a new one:

Get a new clone of the fg-download-and-compile-fgmeta team clone on gitorious:

        git clone 

The team clone can be found at:

Information about using the script is at:

Discussions of changes to the script are at:

Tomorrow, I'll request a merge from the team clone to master and next on the 
main fgmeta.

Here's where things stand on the team clone:

        master has a copy of the latest approved script version 1.9.11. 
        master should be merged to 2.12.0 

        next   has a copy of the lastes unapproved script version 1.9.12

                Changes on Next:

                        rebuild command 

                                When is run, the file 
                                is placed in the current build directory. 
                                ./rebuild will re-execute  
./ with 
                                the same options it last ran with.

                        -B option 

                                The -B allows you to specify a branch as a 
version # 
                                next, master, 2.12.0, 2.10,0, 2.8.0 are 

                        -R option 

                                The R option allows you to select a revision on 
a branch
                                It defaults to HEAD

                        -G option 
                                Allows the selection of a version of OSG
                                for example -G 3.1.9

                        The Window title gives information about the build 
while it 
                        is in progress.  When the build finishes the window 
will indicate 
                        "Finished Building".  If the build does not finish, the 
                        title will inidicate where it stopped.

                        OpenRadar can be built

                The version on next is still undergoing testing, Help out by 
trying it and reporting bugs.
                Better yet, join the team and make changes on next.


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