On 9 Aug 2013, at 10:59, Adrian Musceac <kanto...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm writing an application which uses a socket to connect to Flightgear's 
> telnet interface, and I have encountered the following issue:
> Writing to Flightgear is fine, but while reading the socket, some properties 
> have weird values, and some characters are getting replaced (L is sometimes 
> replaced by 0 etc.).
> I am using "data" mode to read from the socket. I have noticed that the 
> Python 
> Flightgear telnet interface uses "prompt" when reading.
> I'm wondering if someone else has encountered this, or is this some Qt socket 
> issue I have to sort out on my own.

Qt sockets are very thin wrappers around BSD / Windows sockets. More likely to 
be a character set / encoding issue? Remember you need to be explicit about 
encoding when going from 8-bit representation to a QString.

That said I've no experience with the FG telnet code. If you want to post your 
client code I'm happy to quickly look at it.

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