On 13 Aug 2013, at 12:58, Renk Thorsten <thorsten.i.r...@jyu.fi> wrote:

> On the risk of making myself really unpopular, but would now be a good time 
> to defer the release? It seems James is caught in the middle of moving, 
> Stuart indicated some other private things piling up, I have the maddest 
> travelling schedule I've ever had in my life this fall, and I haven't seen a 
> number of other folks around for a while, we don't have release candidates 
> out which will have impacts on bugfixes, assuming there'd be anyone around 
> capable of doing bugfixes,...
> It seems we've hit a fluctuation where pretty much everyone is occupied with 
> something else at the moment (?) - if that's the case, should we still go 
> ahead?

That's possibly a fair suggestion. I am scheduled to get my new broadband 
connection up and running tomorrow (Wednesday) so the Mac build slave will be 
available at that time (with decent upstream bandwidth again). However my time 
is a bit fragmented and likely to remain so for a few weeks - I'm happy to 
merge patches or anything else anyone explicitly requests, but I'm not focused 
enough to start chasing other people to get things done :)

Once the Mac build slave is back, the biggest obstacle to an RC is getting the 
Windows build slaves to behave; if anyone on Windows could look at the Jenkins 
logs and shed any light, it would help.

Kind regards,

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