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Date:   Mon, 19 Aug 2013 08:00:00 +1030
From:   Ante Cugura <ante...@hotmail.com>
To:     William Earnest <w...@ptd.net>

Hi William,

Here is my message again, without the pictures.

I have recently installed FlightGear v2.10.0 on a MacBook Air laptop,
and am enjoying it.

However, I am having some trouble with installing extra aircraft. All
of the aircraft I got with the FlightGear software work, but some of
the aircraft which I tried to download don't work, even when I add
them to the software, a box comes up saying it has been successfully

The troubles which I am having include: The plane is there but it
won't start (717, 737NG, 757, A340, Citation X, DC-3, DC-8-73,
Lockheed 1049h); A small blue and yellow replaces the plane that
should be there (747-400, A320, 767, 787, Beechcraft b1900d, ATR
72-500); a box comes up saying that FlightGear unexpectdedly quit when
I try to fly with the plane (Paper Airplane, Wright Flyer); and random
planes parts fly near the plane when I put the landing gear up or down

Also, I'm pretty sure that I am able to download the A330 on
FlightGear, but I can't seem to find it on your website. It would be a
great help if you could tell me where I can get it.

And don't worry about the delays; I do live in Australia, so when
you're looking at my messages I'm probably asleep anyway.



  > Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 15:45:18 -0400
  > From: w...@ptd.net
  > To: ante...@hotmail.com
  > Subject: Re: Flightgear-devel post from ante...@hotmail.com
requires approval
  > To: ante...@hotmail.com
  > Hello,
  > As assistant list admin, I had to reject your message because
  > of its size. Several members are on net services that charge by
  > message size, so a 40K limit is in place. The problem of yours is that
  > the images you included grossly inflate the overall size. I suggest
  > that you just type in the text of the message, and forget the images,
  > and you should be well under the limit.
  > Also I apologize for the delay, various things beyond my
  > control have been eating into my availability. Hopefully this will be
  > over shortly.

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