hi, actually he will not need voiceover inside of flight gear,
And his french language should most definitely be installed by
default, if not it is pretty easy to do.
The way it works if he is blind and is on a mac, can also work on
linux is to take all of the variables and pass the numbers along too a
synth, and he will get his information that way.
Installing it so it works is a little hairy but i can write a short
how to if needed :)



On 9/9/13, Olivier <acom...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi Elise,
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> Objet : [Flightgear-devel] Flightgear and VoiceOver
>> VoiceOver can read menues but not submenues. Will it be repared in the new
>> release coming soon?
>> ( I'm sorry for my english but it's not easy for me to explain this
>> problem ( i'm french ), as i don't use yet flightgear,
> This is surely due to the fact that the main menu items are translated into
> French but not the submenus, at least not yet - it's the same for all
> languages. So as they are in English, the voice recognition systems probably
> doesn't get them right. He probably has to install some kind of English
> language data.
> Glad to hear some more French users over here.
> Olivier

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