On Mon, 9 Sep 2013, Michael wrote:

> Git never worked easily for me...any simple instructions somewhere? Thanks

The author in question might not thank me for this, but this is how it can 
be done:

# git log -- Aircraft/IAR80

Copy the commit id of the version you want. (Probably the scond most 
recent one).

# git checkout <commit id> -- Aircraft/IAR80

Get that version of the Aircraft/IAR80 directory.

However, note: the aircraft might have bit rotted due to developments in
the rest of FlightGear. Additionally, your fgdata work directory is now 
unclean (contains uncommitted changes) so to update it in the future you 
either need to commit these changes locally or run

# git stash

to hide these changes from the work directory before updating and

# git stash pop

afterwards to get them back.


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