Different argument types (sgWriteLong(gzFile_s*, int) and 
sgWriteLong(void*, int)) are different symbols in C++.

On my system both 2.10 shared and 2.12 static (I haven't tried next or 
master, but the git history says io/lowlevel.cxx hasn't changed for 2 
years) give the correct types.  Did you compile libSimGearCore yourself, 
and do you have zlib1g-dev installed?

~$ nm -gC 
  | grep sgWriteLong
000000000006d150 T sgWriteLong(gzFile_s*, int)
000000000006d240 T sgWriteLongLong(gzFile_s*, long)
~$ nm -C 
/home/palmer/flightgear_source/simgear-2.12.0/simgear/libSimGearCore.a | 
grep sgWriteLong
0000000000000450 T sgWriteLong(gzFile_s*, int)
0000000000000540 T sgWriteLongLong(gzFile_s*, long)
                  U sgWriteLong(gzFile_s*, int)

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