On Sun, 22 Sep 2013, Markus Wanner wrote:

> Hi,
> standard checking procedures on Debian revealed a spelling error:
> "compatability" occurs a couple of times in the sources.
> I'm a bit worried about the "kt70-compatibility" boolean flag, but
> corrected its spelling for the Debian release.
> Attached is a patch fixing all occurrences.

Very good, except that one of the instances corrected is the name of a 
property tree node. Hence, fgdata is a dependency that may be 
affected too and needs to be checked.

As James said this flag is pretty new, but there are still at least one
occurrence in fgdata.

Remember: Changes, however well meaning, need to analysed for consequences 
before being applied. Thank you.

As for spelling, sometimes you just have to accept errors (if the fixing 
it is too expensive). Unix-like systems has lived well despite the creat() 
system call, after all :)

In this case, correcting also in fgdata is feasible, though.


Anders Gidenstam
WWW: http://gitorious.org/anders-hangar

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