Hi - I guess this should be published on a MATLAB forum (which I will do...)
but here is the issue,


I have set up the following in the Fgxxx.bat file:


SET FG_ROOT=C:\Program Files\FlightGear\\data

.\\bin\\win32\\fgfs --aircraft=UGB --fdm=network,localhost,5501,5502,5503
--airport=Fxxx --altitude=6000 --ai-scenario=ship_xxx


and all is good, and data is transmitted as it should (checked with UDP Test
Tool), however MATLAB 2012a/Simulink do not see it..?  

Also the Matlab/Simulink 6dof Animation Model block communicates fine with
FG, but it does not pick up the particular property that I need (the current
position of a ship in a scenario)? 

I guess if I can't get UDP to work I will have to resort to Telnet from
MATLAB (which does work).

Any ideas or suggestions will be welcome.



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