Thanks for testing this.  

I left a set -x on line 371 which causes the double output you're
seeing on -h. I've removed it.
Also, I've changes the svn
for plib to

OSG and PLIB are slated for different treatment in a future version.

If the chosen version of OSG, or the 1.8.5 version of PLIB is
installed or previously built, there's no reason to reconfigure
or rebuild them.

In general, I'd like to be able to detect when git does not add a file
to the sources.  Then I could condition the configure step on whether
its actually needed or not.  If I find a way to do that quickly, it
could be applied to any component that uses git, not just OSG.

I'll be using your approach for plib at least.

The latest is still 1.9.12:


On Thu,
10 Oct 2013 12:50:15 +0200 Geoff McLane <> wrote:

> Hi Pat,
> Finally got a chance to try 
> 1.9.12 from the ...-fgmeta repo...
> I think you need to adjust the svn repo for plib! It 
> has permanently changed I think
> About ln 649
> plib 
> to the new repo
> plib 
> Also, as a suggestion, why not first search the system for an 
> installed plib, and use that rather than a new download 
> and compile? These days I have add plib as a 'system'
> install...
> In my makefg, which as you know was based on one of 
> Brisa's original versions, circa Jan 2009, I use 
> script like -
>     # if NO plib installed path from user, and none from
>     # previous configuration file, then
>     if [ -z "$INSTALL_DIR_PLIB" ]; then
>         # try the 'system' places
>         PLIB_PATH="/usr"
>         if [ -f "$PLIB_PATH/include/plib/ul.h" ]; then
>             show_plib_version $PLIB_PATH
>             PLIB_INSTALL_OK=1
>         elif [ -f "$PLIB_PATH/local/include/plib/ul.h" ]; then
>             show_plib_version "$PLIB_PATH/local"
>             PLIB_INSTALL_OK=1
>         else
>             PLIB_PATH=""
>         fi
>     fi
> The function 'show_plib_version' just reads the version
> from the ul.h header...
> Anyway, just a suggestion...
> After the above svn correction, the script ran to 
> the end, building fgcom, fgfs, fgrun, openrti,
> OpenSceneGraph, plib, simgear... great stuff...
> I only had a chance to try it with the ALL option ;=))
> But found out later that is not really 'ALL'. I could 
> add FGX, FGO?, FGCOMGUI, ATLAS and DATA, but I have 
> already done the DATA separately overnight... 
> I will try to get around to trying the others... 
> presently doing -p FGX, but it insists on rebuilding 
> OSG which is slow...
> One little thing. When I say run it with the -h help 
> option for example my bash shell echos the echo 
> lines, like the script has say -
>    echo "Switches:"

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