Hi there,

> I'm afraid our i18n is unmaintained since a *very* long time and
> if it works at all, then only in a very limited way. Basically only
> for the menu and a few strings, but not for: dialogs (AFAIK),
> Nasal text messages, error messages.

I'm not that sure if all the messages should be internationalized, but I belie
ve many users, especially Japanese users want to have either localized or inte
rnationalized FlightGear. 

> It would be a lot of work to fix, and a lot more to make it work
> for funny languages as well, like Chinese, Japanese, ... ;-)
> And given that the language of aviation is English anyway, and
> most developers understand that sufficiently well, they probably
> prefer to spend their time for more interesting things. (At least
> that's true for me.)

I agree that many developers understand English aviation terms, but I don't th
ink  that users who don't speak English understand English aviation terms as w
ell as developers.

I believe that making FlightGear i18n capable will enable non English speaking
 users to fly with FlightGear with ease.

Fortunately I'm using one of these funny languages, so I can help on this,
even though I can contribute little by little. it will be a bit hard than just
 making FlightGear i18n capable since it should support Windows, but it worth 
trying at least. Plus, it could be localization instead of internationalizatio

> Maybe we should remove the --lang option instead? Would be an
> easier fix. :-}

Yeah it is a easy fix, but don't even think about it!!


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