Dear Mac users / developers

First, I've heard some users complaining "2.6 for Mac doesn't work," in 
facebook, or via email without detail info.
Could you help me collect what is the cause of this issue? 

I want to know the following things for reproducing the problem:
- Mac model and OS version (e.g. MacBookPro 15"/nVidia GT330M/OS X 10.7.2)
- FG version and revision (e.g. 2.6.0  r314M)
- Command-line option (you can get this from it looks like
2/20/12 1:16:59.744 PM [0x0-0x4a04a0].net.sourceforge.macflightgear: Starting with --aircraft=A6M2-jsbsim --browser-app=open 
- Crash dump (if available).

As I want to release the updater for fixing common issues in 2.6 ASAP, I want 
to have many info until the end of this week.

Second, I want to share with you the known issues on FG 2.6.0 for mac that I've 
collected so far.

#1) fgfs crashes with CitationX, 777-200ER, and any other Aircraft that add 
menu items.
        If an aircraft has Nasal/dialog.nas, it likely crashes when 
initializing subsystems.
        This is caused by my bad patch and is mac specific bug. :-(
  --> Fixed

#2) fgfs cannot handle --browser-app=open properly. Somehow preferences.xml 
overwrites the command-line option.
  --> Workaround made (patch for preferences.xml), Code level fix is needed.

#3) Random Vegetations give us the white squares instead of trees. (only on 
package for 10.5).
  --> under investigation.

#4) 3D clouds don't show up (only on package for 10.5).
  --> under investigation.

#5) Some aircraft's texture look broken with some integrated graphics chips 
(shutter-like or patch-work-ish).
  --> bad GPU OpenGL driver? (e.g. Intel HD Graphics), mainly happens with png 
textures, I guess. Changing png to rgb seems fixing this issue.
         it doesn't happen when using nVidia GT330M.

#6) integrated graphic chip (e.g. Intel HD Graphics) crashes fgfs during 
startup (some can survive with cockpit view)
  --> bad GPU OpenGL driver, I guess ( see the dump below)
  Thread 3 Crashed:
  0     0x05120480 
glrReturnUnexpectedKillClient + 15
  1     0x0500d2c7 
GhalInterface::getCommandBuffer(unsigned char**, unsigned char**, unsigned 
int*, unsigned int*) + 203
  2     0x050af495 
unsigned char) + 341
  3     0x050af217 
g575SubmitPacketsToken + 51
  4     0x051302e7 
_ZL28GetNewVertexBufferFromKernelP17DataBufferManagerP13GLDContextRecm + 79
  5     0x051305b7 
g575GetVertexBuffer + 243
  6     0x050af17a 
g575PrefetchPrimitiveBuffer + 49
  7     0x050af05c 
glrBeginPrimitiveBufferUseDataBuffer + 171
  8   GLEngine                          0x04f85225 gleFlushPrimitiveTCLFunc + 
  9   GLEngine                          0x04f0064e 
gleDrawArraysOrElements_ListExecCore + 199
  10  GLEngine                          0x04ea1fd3 
gleDrawArraysOrElementsOutOfLine_ListExec + 1074
  11  GLEngine                          0x04e9f1ad gleCallList + 125
  12  libGL.dylib                       0x92baf188 glCallList + 27
  13  fgfs                              0x0043f2f6 
osg::Drawable::draw(osg::RenderInfo&) const + 202

  This doesn't happen on major nVidia (e.g. GT330M) and some other AMD discrete 
chips so far.

#7) Cocoa-osgviewer doesn't work properly on some Macs (2.6.0-RC2).  Image 
inside window gets broken when resizing or when using menu.
  --> I dropped cocoa version and used Carbon version instead. but I want to 
know what is the cause. It doesn't happen on my MBP15"/nVidiaGT330M/OS X 10.7.2

Thank you,


Tatsuhiro Nishioka

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