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Marcos Carnaval, otherwise known as Mark UC, has worked as a club and
radio DJ for 16 years in Brazil. He has won multiple awards including
2000/2001, Marcos was voted the best DJ/Producer in Brazil.
In the past, he remixed "Better Off Alone" from Alice Deejay, who also
invited him to co-produce her CD! With DJ Jorge Capacete in 1998,
put Rio on the map with the hit "The Rave". This was the first music
by DJs/producers from Rio de Janeiro to crack the charts in Brazil.
In 1999, he was honered by the record label Paradoxx Music to remix "It
Feels So Good" by Marion K. The song became one of the top songs of all
time, making it one of the most played songs on Brazilian radio
In 2000, Sony's sub label, Seven Music, signed Marcos. He released his
third album, "Tekno-Hard-Attack". Marcos won two awards for the album
2000, "Festa Planet Award Best DJ" and "World Music Award Best DJ and
Producer". Marcos again distinguished himself in 2001 when he won the
biggest dance music award in South America, the "DJ Sound Best Producer
In 2002, Marcos was hired as a label Executive in USA, living behind
of success in Brazil. He had to follow his heart and get himself back
the studio. By 2003, Marcos started his own label, UC Entertainment,
it has become one of the leading distributors of non-major label music
Brazil and Latin America.
By the end of 2004 Marcos went back to his "music production career"
getting back to the studios on full force. This time his challenge was
greater than the Brazilian market because Marcos was facing his new
reality by taking it up a notch, "The North American Music Market".
So far in 2005 the results speak for themselves, his work appeared in
different remixes for artists and labels such as: "Piel Canela" by
Emmanuel on Universal Music, "Daddy Cool" by Boney M on Universal
"New York City Boy" by Randy Jones on Catalyst Mgmt Group, and "B More
Shake" and "Soul Makossa" by Afrika Bambaataa on Tommy Boy Records.
The single "B More Shake" by Afrika Bambaataa charted #15 on the
"Billboard Hot Music / Club Play Top 100" and remained on the
Club Charts" for more than 20 weeks.
With three mix cd albums, tracks on 30 CD compulations, and not being
satisfied with just being the best from South America. "THE THRILL FROM
BRAZIL" cant wait to prove himself all over again, and with 20 weeks in
the charts and the Dj Skills to match, he is more then on his way.

Tekno Hard Attack by Mark UC (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Rebola o Popozao by Mark UC (Link Records 1999)
Tekno The Rave (Paradoxx Music 1998)
Marcos Carnaval vs. Max 2 Feat. Yameil - Let The Music Move You (UC
Entertainment 2005)
Marcos Carnaval vs. Max 2 Feat. Yameil - Caliente (UC Entertainment
Marcos Carnaval vs. Mavi - Spirit (UC Entertainment 2005)
Marcos Carnaval vs. Mavi - Humiliation (UC Entertainment 2005)
Marcos Carnaval vs. Mavi - Trash on TV (UC Entertainment 2005)
Mark UC – Ready To Go! (BMS Music 2003)
Mark UC – Hadjia (Seven/Sony Music 2002)
Mark UC – Trespasser’s Paradise (Seven/Sony Music 2001)
Mark UC – Racer "X" (Seven/Sony Music 2001)
Mark UC – Burning Pussy (Seven/Sony Music 2001)
Emmanuel – Piel Canela (Universal Music 2005)
Boney M – Daddy Cool (Sony ATV 2005)
Randy Jones – New York City Boy (Catalyst Management Group 2005)
FC Nond - Drum Key 2005 (UC Entertainment 2005)
Afrika Bambaataa – Soul Makossa (Tommy Boy Silver Label 2005)
Afrika Bambaataa – B More Shake (Tommy Boy Silver Label 2005)
Mark UC – One Two Tree Go! (BMS Music 2003)
Mark UC & DJ Mp3 – That Sound (Seven/Sony Music 2002)
MC Catra – O Simpatico (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Marion K – It Feel So Good (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Jay V – Back At One (Paradoxx Music 2000)
John York – Get Get Down (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Arfan – Fata Morgana (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Uforia – On The Ground (Paradoxx Music 1998)
Alice DJ – Better Of Alone (Paradoxx Music/Positiva 1998)
Turbulencia Transamerica Vol. 2 (UC Entertainment/BMG 2003)
Zueira Teknobeat da FM o Dia (BMS Music 2002)
The Best of Teknobeat Vol. 2 (Seven/Sony Music 2001)
Hits 2001 (Seven/Sony Music 2001)
Verao 2001 (Som Livre 2001)
Sapao Papo de Futuro (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Excentric (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Festa Planet Vol.1 (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Matine Planet Vol.1 (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
DJ Tubarao Apresenta Vol.2 (Seven/Sony Music 2000)
Voltagem Maxima (Indie/Universal Music 2000)
Exoplosao Teknofunk Vol.2 (Som Livre 2000)
Batidao (Som Livre 2000)
Celso Portioli As Melhores Da Decada (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Celso Portioli Faz a Festa (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Top 18 Remixes (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Matine Tekno Sunday (Paradoxx Music 2000)
Informer Project (Informer Music 2000)
Techno Fest Da Piramide (Spottlight Records 2000)
Olimpo Techno Traxx (Pan Disc 2000)
Techno Arabian (Seven/Sony Music 1999)
The Best Of Teknobeat Vol.1 (Seven/Sony Music 1999)
Alegria De Verao Da FM O Dia (Som Livre 1999)
Summer Beat (Paradoxx Music 1999)
Arabian Express (Paradoxx Music 1999)
Lunch Break Radio Energia 97 (Paradoxx Music 1998)
Festa Da Cidade Radio Cidade (Paradoxx Music 1998)
Na Balada Radio Joven Pan (Paradoxx Music 1999)

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