Ok, ok, it's Friday, need more sleep.
Simply forced redraw() of the parent solved the problem.
It's a bit inefficient, because if the parent is a "big" window with many 
I have to redraw everything. Masked by redrawing only when the bargraph value 
changes, for now.

Any way to "invalidate" to the parent only the bargraph area ?


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Ogg: Bargraph object with Fl_Group

Hi all,
I am trying to create a simple object representing a "bargraph".
It is a simple filled rectangle, derived in a Fl_Group ; the draw method simply 
draw two rectangles,
one with "fill" color, the other with "background" color.

All is ok ; now I want to add a "transparent" background option.
I cannot draw the "background" rectangle, so when the rectangle is growing all 
is right,
but when the bargraph value goes down...
How can I force the erasing of the filled rectangle before redrawing it with 
the new dimension ?
Any suggestion is welcome.

Thanks all,

Lucio Dona'


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