> As Ian and Greg pointed out already, alpha blending works with
> FLTK 1.3 (and even with 1.1), but there are some restrictions.
Greg's method works like a champ and I actually found it about 1/2 hour after I 
posted this in the forum.  Thanks!

> > Upon further investigation, the documentation says that the only way to get 
> > transparency (and 100% transparency at that) is with an Fl_Pixmap (say, a 
> > GIF file), and that is definitely NOT RGB.  Even so, would that work where 
> > this fails, albeit without the kinds of shadows I'm trying to cast in the 
> > PNGs?
> That's not up-to-date anymore, could you give a pointer where
> you read it exactly? This documentation should better be updated,
> but as I wrote before, the current state of image drawing was not
> intended and should be more consistent across platforms. However,
> it's not as easy to do it as it might seem, and somebody has to
> do it. Patches always welcome...

Here's the link to the documentation that says it:


Search on the page for the word "transparency"...

The documentation also strongly discourages people from using the ->draw() 
method of widgets.

My problem is solved, thank you.  But the docs are, shall we say, confusing.
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