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> The problem was that, under particular conditions (many redraw of images), my 
> blinking could become irregular,
> as timers, if I understand well, are all at the same "priority level".

Hint Fl::repeat_timeout() is designed to compensate for small timer
delays, so that the next timer interval will be shorted if the
actual timer callback is serviced later than it should. However,
this does obviously work only if the overall CPU usage is small
enough so that there is room to *wait* for the next timer. If the
CPU is utilized so heavily that there is no time left, then ...

Also note that this timer delay compensation works well (i.e. as
designed) on Linux, but probably not on Windows :-( I did some
tests a while back, but lost track of it. I can't say anything
about Mac OS WRT this.

> The technique you and Greg told me is clear ; will "clean up" something in my 
> (growing!) app and try
> to avoid unnecessary redraws.

That's always a good idea.


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