Hi Ian,
microwindows is a piece coming from the past.
I have already realized several machines running with AMD Alchemy (MIPS), more 
or less same horsepower as the actual one.
It was the usual work of putting together pieces (microwindows + nano-X, 
truetype fonts and so on),
but it works.
Microwindows + nano-X actually is not a project with as much as activity as 
fltk, but it's working.

Maybe another solution could be better now, but I already had to switch 
hardware platform as Alchemy is end of life product :
new schematics, new bios, new kernel (Alchemy=2.4.x, PPC=2.6.x), new kernel 
drivers... and note that MIPS=little endian, PPC = big endian.
I just had sufficient new things, to think of throwing away microwindows + 

I was surely tempted of trying X11 server, but now I cannot do this for time 
Don't know kdrive, but I'm curious and sooner or later will try it.


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