thanks for all the info! I really appreciate the response.

I tried your suggestions on my system: Debian 6.5 (64 bit), gcc-4.4.5, emacs 
23, fltk-1.3.2

I tested the following:

eop op = (eop)fl_intptr_t(v); works fine

int i = (int)v; fails to compile (loss of precision) like you all said.

long li = (long)v; works fine.

 long i = (long)(w->argument()); compiles, but always results in '0'. Doesn't w 
point back to the Fl_Menu_Button that had the menu? I didn't set an argument in 
the Fl_Menu_Button.

So, I'm going forward with fl_intptr_t, since it works and probally will work 
in the future.

Thanks again,

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