On 12.04.2013 12:09, MacArthur, Ian (Selex ES, UK) wrote:
>> I have tested the new code block for AIX on version 5.1 (which lacks
>> the prototype for 'mntctl()' in the header file).
>> I have tested the code block for NetBSD on versions 2.0 and 5.1 to
>> check that the version detection works as intended (and old versions
>> that don't support 'getvfsstat()' behave as before).
> OK, that sounds good; if you are feeling keen, might be worth recording those 
> results in the STR in case anyone else is looking at it too?

Yes, please. That doesn't mean that I will be the one to look at it. ;-)

>>> - The code doesn't seem to quite match the supposed fltk coding
>> style, see:
>>> http://www.fltk.org/cmp.php#CS_GENERAL_CODING_STYLE
>>> for more guidelines.
>>> (I confess this is often an issue for me, the fltk style is not my
>> default style...)
>> Yes, the braces are not correctly placed. But this is wrong in many
>> other places of the current code inside 'Fl_File_Browser.cxx'.
> I noticed that, too...
>> To make it look consistent, should I repair this in the rest of the
>> file too?
> I don't really know, but my feeling is that we should make the minimal 
> change, so that people can more easily see what has *actually* changed.
> So... in that case I'd propose that you leave the existing code, even where 
> it is "wrong", but just try and make the new stuff be "right".
> Does that sound sensible?
> What do others think?

That does exactly match my opinion. Minimal patch with "correct"
coding style, so that we can study the patch and see what's being


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