>> To make it look consistent, should I repair this in the rest of
>> the file too?

> I don't really know, but my feeling is that we should make the
> minimal change, so that people can more easily see what has
> *actually* changed.
> So... in that case I'd propose that you leave the existing code,
> even where it is "wrong", but just try and make the new stuff be
> "right".
> Does that sound sensible?
> What do others think?

I've worked on projects which have had a mass reformatting to fit
with some code standard, or new layout tool, and it's a nightmare.
Trying to diff against the versions before the big change becomes
useless, so trying to find code regressions becomes impossible.

Since then I try to keep the same formatting style as the old code.
If you must, reformat the new/changed code only, but leave the old.

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