> If any of you are familiar with Netbeans, you will know that there is
> something called the 'Netbeans Platform', which is a pre-configured
> framework with all the standard bells and whistles for your average
> forms-based application: E.G.
> - Main Window
> - Menu (File, Open, Save, Help - all functional)
> - Toolbar with shortcuts to menu above
> - Perhaps an OK or Cancel button (ala MFC wizard?)
> - etc.
> Lately I have found myself writing quite a few new FLTK based apps and
> I always seem to be reinventing the wheel. Is there an out-of-the-box
> skeleton framework I can re-use for this purpose? If not then should I
> release one? I specifically need a v1.3.x example but it should exist
> for all versions I reckon.

It's an interesting idea, but I have to confess I never found them (predefined 
templates and frameworks) all that helpful in the past. 

Certainly, I have had "better" (in the sense of being quicker, easier, and 
better tailored to my needs) results just throwing together an initial 
"template" in fluid then building out from that.

But I have no idea what suits others in terms of workflow and such...

Contributions welcome of course!


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