On 04/21/13 02:09, Ian MacArthur wrote:
>> Can someone to point me to a toggle switch widget?
> There's no 3-position switch that I'm aware of.
> When I needed this, I just put 3 radio-buttons in a group and that was fine - 
> and trivial to do.

        Ya, or an Fl_Menu_Button with three items in it -- less screen real 
        Use that if the user only needs to see which state the switch is in.

        Otherwise, use the radio button approach if it's more useful that the 
        see all three things, and which one of the three is "on".

        A "toggle switch" or "3 position dial" would simulate the real world 
        but is perhaps not a good paradigm visually.

        But if you really want to go that route, paint three images of the 
        in the various positions, and derive a class from Fl_Button that has one
        of the switch images assigned as the image() for the button, and each 
        of the button switches the image() to show the other painting of the 
        Set it up so that each hit toggles to the next of the three states. Use 
a char
        or int to keep track of the current state, and just cycle through it 
each click;
        0-1-2-1-0-1-2.. or 0-1-2-0-1-2.. whichever is best.
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