Hi. I've searched online several times about it and found many old posts
that doesn't seem to work today.
I use Manjaro and currently my Qsynth version is 0.4.3 and my Fluidsynth
version is 1.1.6.
I use Scala to create alternate tunings. Right in their home page they say
it's capable of exporting tunings to Qsynth / Fluidsynth.
I've succeeded on exporting tunings to midi fioes with sysex messages that
work in Timidity. But some big soundfonts don't work right in timidity but
they do in Qsynth. However I never succeeded in re-tuning Qsynth.
Scala exports only a text file with new tunings, but I don't know how to
make Qsynth recognize it. Some posts online said that it was just a matter
of dragging and dropping but it failed. It also doesn't recognize tuning
sysex messages as Timidity does.
In Qsynth GUI I've found nothing about tuning. No option for this.
I would like to work with just intonation on it but I can't.

Can anyone help me on this, please?

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