Hi Paul,

2018-02-19 8:34 GMT+01:00 Paul Cohn <psc...@gmail.com>:

> I haven't seen any lag with the headphones elsewhere where I try latency
> tests, and using garageband's musical typing isn't as slow to respond.

As Philippe says, bluetooth headphones have inherent latency issues and are
not really suitable for real-time audio. But you say that you only notice
the latency when using FluidSynth, so maybe you need to reduce your
FluidSynth buffer size. The default is quite high at 16 * 64 samples. Maybe
start with the lowest possible buffer size:

fluid_settings_setint(settings, "audio.periods", 2);
fluid_settings_setint(settings, "audio.period-size", 64);

And if you get buffer underruns, increase the period-size.


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