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> > I'd like to set the R time to 0 globally so that notes immediately cut
> > of when their respective note-off event is received.  
> The SF2 spec requires a minimum release time of around 16 ms. That's how 
> "immediate" you can get.

Is that "if you specify 0 in a soundfont, fluidsynth will translate
that to a 16ms release" or is that "fluidsynth is not capable of
producing less than a 16ms release"? I mean, I'm happy to violate the
spec for my own purposes. :)

I'm basically trying to get a very aggressive staccato sound, and
that's sort of difficult to do if instruments insist on tailing off in
a soft (and arguably realistic) way.

I can probably tolerate a 16ms release in any case.

> > Is it possible?  
> Well... yes it should be, but in fact it is not.
> What you're requesting is a job for fluid_synth_set_gen2() and something like 
> this should do it:
> foreach (c : midichannel)
>   fluid_synth_set_gen2(synth, c, GEN_VOLENVRELEASE, 0, TRUE, TRUE);
> This sets the generator responsible for volume release to an absolute value 
> of 0 for each midi channel. However: This feature never worked as it's 
> implementation is incomplete. Therefore it was concluded to remove it upon 
> next major version bump: 
> https://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/fluid-dev/2017-12/msg00004.html
> @Marcus + JJC: Is this use-case worth to keep absolute generators? Or is 
> there any other way of achieving what Mark is asking for?

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