Hi all,

I've finished the first draft of the dynamic sample loading. You can see
the change in this pull request:

If you want to try out the changes, please check out the
dynamic-sample-loading branch:

The implementation is actually quite simple and follows the approach that
I've outlined earlier. When loading a Soundfont, everything apart from the
sample data is loaded. As soon as a preset is selected for a channel, all
samples of all instrument zones in that preset are individually loaded into
memory. And when a preset is unselected again, all samples of all
instrument zones of that preset are unloaded from memory again, unless they
are still in use by another selected preset. The loading and unloading is
triggered by the fluid_preset_t::notify and fluid_sample_t::notify

What I haven't implemented yet is the parsing of a MIID file before
playback to pre-load all used presets in the file. I think that can be
added later, once the overall idea and implementation of dynamic loading
has been finalised.

I've done a fair amount of testing of the code with both SF2 and SF3 files,
but I would be very grateful if some of you could also give it a spin. To
enable the feature, please use the
new "synth.dynamic-sample-loading" setting.

I'm looking forward to your feedback!


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