Hello everyone,

I’m forwarding this e-mail from the GSoC mentors list as it’s something
that could potentially affect our community. I’m hopeful that nothing of
this sort will befall us, but wanted to make sure everyone was aware and

Please review the Inclusion in the Fluid Community
If there are any GSoC specific issues, please also notify myself, Alan or


On February 21, 2018 at 8:21:21 PM, 'sttaylor' via Google Summer of Code
Mentors List (google-summer-of-code-mentors-l...@googlegroups.com) wrote:

*Hi all,*

*We had a report from a GSoC org of some unusual behavior by some
"students". The behavior was definitely a CoC situation for the
organization. We think it is an important topic to address so with the
org's permission I am posting their odd situation below.*

* A person started sending personal messages to the our chat channel and
depending how much a person responded, they sent more or fewer insults.
This person also made it sound like they were not going to review any new
applications so don't bother applying - acting as if they were associated
with the org to try and scare off other students from participating with
the org. *(Likely to try and have less competition for themselves...)*

* Another person used a similar name to one of the Org Admins and stating
they were a relative of the OA (they weren't) and sent a batch of PMs,
trying to convince students that ORG A was no longer doing GSoC and they
shouldn't apply and also generally being insulting and unpleasant, etc.

I think we've managed to handle these two incidents pretty well within our
community, but I wouldn't be surprised if (A) these people do the same
thing with other communities and/or attempt to do GSoC with another org or
(B) this is a thing that starts happening more because some people
somewhere have started popularizing the idea that you need to scare away
other applicants to get into GSoC.  So, I wanted to pass on the info.

I'm not sure there's much you can do to help prevent this from happening
elsewhere (I doubt these folks read the program rules), but figured I'd
pass it on in case what we've been seeing isn't an isolated incident.

*If you have something similar occur in your community during this GSoC
period please email us directly at gsoc-supp...@google.com
<gsoc-supp...@google.com> Thanks.*

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