I wondered how it worked, and appears to be a form of "mechanical hash function" -

"The number of combinations is unlimited, but the number of mechanically-possible states is markedly finite: 7,501 to be exact. mh likens this to the mechanical version of a hash function. I can't think of a more concise allegory for it."

On 09/04/2018 16:51, Tony Atkins wrote:
Hi, All:

Very interesting topic.  I chatted with Jonathan about this, but wanted to share with the group, I bought one of these a few years ago just because I was so excited that something like it was available for a few dollars at a non-specialty store:


You enter a combination of motions along the cardinal points to unlock it.  It's indexed so that you can only push along the cardinal directions and there's a good "click" when you have pushed the stick far enough.  All you need to feel is which way is up, which is pretty obvious as the metal of the lock is always "up" and feels different than the body.  I've unlocked it in the dark and one handed, it's a good design.

Anyway,  sadly the timing never works out for me to attend the design crits, but I hope to see the slides at least as I am really interested in the topic.



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