Hi Justin,

  This job failed because it was directed at the i-0033 server (which is a new 
Docker host in Buildkite that we're using for SJRK). It should have gone to the 
h-0005, which is the usual CI build node.

  This is because the original Infusion pipeline doesn't specify any "agent 
tags". This is what this PR is for: 

  As we expand the number of agents, the pipelines will need to be more 
specific about where they want to run.

  I've tested this PR with a few builds and it seems okay. The only failure was 
caused by a transient issue with `npm install`: 

  Finally, PR's for the .buildkite directory might be more frequent as we 
increase our understanding of Buildkite. Maybe we could adopt GitHub's owners 
for it? I don't know if this was discussed already for the project but it looks 
like a good idea to me 

  I know you're busy with imminent awesome news so I'm sending this to 
fluid-work@ in case you can't look at it and someone else wants to :)


On 05/17/2018 05:41 PM, Buildkite wrote:
> FLUID-6281: Adding test case to verify issue. 
> <https://buildkite.com/fluid-project/fluid-infusion/builds/237>         
> Duration: 9 minutes, 1 second
> Build #237 <https://buildkite.com/fluid-project/fluid-infusion/builds/237> | 
> jobara:FLUID-6281 | fbc717b 
> <https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/commit/fbc717b051f3635b3b451da9f79f175724b7dba1>
>  (Pull Request #902 <https://github.com/fluid-project/infusion/pull/902>)
>       jobara  View Build → 
> <https://buildkite.com/fluid-project/fluid-infusion/builds/237>
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