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>Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 04:19:59 EDT
>Subject: Zybooks News
>Dear artists and mail artists
>This is to let you know about a new publication from John Bently -  UK book
>John is working on a new project in London for his latest publication : Liver
>and Lights No. 27 "Concerning the Poetry of Lost Things"
>The book will be published in March 2001 and launched to coincide with the Wor
>ds Live annual Harrow Literature Festival. An important literature festival
>in the London art calendar.
>The book will be entirely constructed from lost text found by the residents
>of Harrow: excuse notes, love letters, song lyrics, shopping lists.....
>You can reserve a pre publication copy by contacting John Bently directly at
>Gandha Key (Miss)
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