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Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 17:01:09 -0500 (CDT)
From: David Baptiste Chirot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Subject: For Philadelpho Menezes

        Some very sad and tragic news:

        Philadelpho Menezes died in a car accident Sunday, 23 July 2000.

        He was only 40 and working on the organizing of an upcoming
conference of the Sound Poetry to be held in Sao Paulo, his native city. 
He had just issued
a new CD, INTERPOESIA, produced with Wilton Azeredo.

        Philadelpho Menezes produced many works and CDs of Sound Poetry
and Visual
Poetry, organized many conferences in both areas and wrote extensively on
them, critically and theoretically. 

        He was also Professor in the post-graduate program in Semiotics
and Communication of the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo. 

        His major work, POETICS AND VISUALITY  A Trajectory of
        Contemporary Brazilian Poetry
        is in English translation by Harry Polkinhorn, San Diego State  
        University Press, 1995..  

        Excerpts from this work are at Light and Dust Mobile Anthology of


        Also theoretical work of Philadelpho Menezes in English
        translation is  included in:

        CORROSIVE SIGNS Edited by Cesar Espinosa, trnaslated by Harry
        Polkinhorn. (Washington D. C.:  Maissonneuve Press, 1990). 

        Philadelpho Menezes was a very generous and energetic
participant, organizer
and distributor of ideas and works and performances of Sound and Visual
Poetry. His work and spirit and life are an example of the 
openness and internationalism in the practise, thinking, history and 
generosity possible in the open fields of Visual Poetry and Sound Poetry,
of the Intersign.

        In honor of Philadelpho, may fellow workers keep alive his example
and memory and works.

        He who walks in hiddennes

        has light to guide him

        in all his acts.

                        --Chuang Tzu

        in this spirit, we have the light of Philadelpho Menezes for guide

--dave baptiste chirot

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