I hardly ever get to spend any time at home alone.
I'm not sure how you inferred from my introduction that I am lazy...
but that is OK because I am lazy...
and I'm not in a big hurry to change.
It's great to see how dynamic this list has become.
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- Both my wife and my son are full-time university students
- I like to smoke marijuana occasionally
- I think that prohibition is a bad idea
- I like to masterbate

too much time home alone....

oh hey that wasnt MY introduction!!!!
Here's my introduction: I live in a Dawghouse/ My hobby is chasing cats/

I thought I was banned from fluxlist(turns out Allan was just lazy-hmmm)  so in retaliation I started my own site call Flux-you @ yahoogroups.com. Please come by and visit- I dont kick anyone off. I promise I will try to be better behaved . I had a fluxus art show at Cannery Row Antiques Mall, Monterey California last September-it was a really fun experience. I started a fluxus store at the mall-I have a cash register for fluxus bucks- so If anyone has some I would love them. Send to Madawg/P.O.Box 916/Pacific Grove, CA 93950   love Madawg

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