> please grow some hair, though.  the last thing the world needs is another
> bald .............................. guy.

hey! let's start sticking nationalities and religions, sexual persuasions,
ethnic origins etc etc in here - (fight! fight! fight! fight!)
fluxobscenities, fluxenophobia, fluxexual discrimination......yeah!

    (years ago (5 or 6) i produced some very deliberately anti-"politically
correctness" stuff, on behalf of the FFFO - it's a long and quite dull story
(no surprises there then!) - but it was so much fun! which was a little
worrying - trying to draw/write/make deliberately "uncorrect" stuff becomes
a challenge, then fun, then a real worry - i believe that when we tap into a
certain vein, we discover certain truths about ourselves.  not that what i
did was so nasty, it just tapped into chauvenism and a reaction against
extreme feminism which i had experienced at the time (another long story),
as a male - in both the workplace and whilst in higher education, and which
is as bad as its counterpart (although much less reported)

(i have also been a victim of racial abuse, and yes i am a white western
european male, and this happened (and still happens) in western europe - but
that's another, and somewhat less relevant story)

.... or perhaps, let's just leave it like this (above).


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