Nonsense!  Wolverines are just bigger than badgers.  Wolverines are simply 
bad-tempered, while badgers are bad-tempered and cunning (and, being closer to the 
ground, more cthonic).  Of course, there is the honey badger kills for sport, just 
like people do.  

Badger also pops up as a trickster figure from time to time, though not nearly as 
often as coyote.  Of course, the American south has Brer Rabbit (rabbit appears as a 
trickster figure in both African and Amer Indian cultures). And, although I'm somewhat 
arachniphobic, Anansi is one of my favorite trickster figures.

Wolverines more interesting? The very idea!  Feh.


> I think we can all agree that Wolverines are a lot  more interesting and exotic than 
> badgers.  

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