We'll sign you up for this.

who's keeping track of this story?  do we have an editor?
is it one of those stories that depending on which option you choose (i.e.
which email you open) depends which way you go? Or something?

We asked Mr. Friedman about this work.

Here is his answer.


No returns, no guarantees!

Secret Fluxus

" i like it!" he snarled, juggling the red hot Flasks
of Mount Edna's Lava and tossing another badger onto the blazing harmonium.

Kathy, Meg was running around with Saint Peter so I'm leaving this question
for you..."How does one log on to the story...I mean get our two cents worth
in? It sounds great! -Don

I don't know if any of you are into very silly Flash
animaytions, japanese adverts,manic cutup videos and
novelty music but this site has tons and some are
quite funny- even some badgers!

a tree, a tree, what kind of a tree
is the house of the kangaroo that i see
with polka dot curtains and a mat at the door
and piles of blue boomerangs ready for more.

When the time comes for you to be in that place don't show up or go
elsewhere.  (You will be doing nothing.) ping.

Thanks Allan,


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