Just to clear things up...

I am not affiliated in any way at all with Secret Fluxus except that we both
post to this list. Secret Fluxus did (very kindly) once perform a piece that
I dedicated to them. As far as I know they are located geographically in
England. I am in Toronto, Canada.

Allan Revich

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Subject: Re: FLUXLIST: Apologies to Alan Bowman

> On 6/20/04 2:06 PM, "secret fluxus" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > We did not intend the mildly irate reply that we
> > posted by misreading the header on his short note as the header for
> > Revich's long note and harsh list of labels.
> But is or isn't Allen Revich "one of you"? Has he not at one time signed
> own messages as "Secret Fluxus"?
> Or was that some or another sort of mis/appropriation?
>  >   "Dear women and four Beatles imitators,"

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