Nice photos alan. Good to see emmett williams et al. I
have a book by him called My Life In Flux which I
bought in a sale once and keep meaning to read-
it'squite a hefty tome though. I lose interest with
loong e-mails so quite an effort on my part to read
anyhting over 2 pages let alone 496 !


--- Alan Bowman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: > I
would like to take this opportunity to thank (with
>  apologies for
> lateness) Bertrand Clavez for making me sound much,
> much more interesting
> than I really am!  I recommend that you simply
> believe everything he said
> about me!
> If you go here you'll see me standing in a place
> wher not 3 minutes before I
> had been talking to Bertrand for the first time!
> He'd gone by the time this photo was taken though!
> Smashing fellow Bertrand, always been one of my
> favourites....
> (merci!!)
> alaqn

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