I wish that I was boiled, jellied oatmeal indeed. Usually I am only
I will try to apply myself more diligently in future.


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Subject: FLUXLIST: Boiled and jellied

> Dear Suse,
> We are boiled, jellied oatmeal indeed. We nevertheless hope that there is
> more substance to us than flummery.
> Sincerely,
> The Man Without a Name
> >Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 17:40:12 -0400
> >From: "suse" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> >Subject: Re: FLUXLIST: Flummery
> >
> >Oh secret fluxus,
> >You certainly set yourselves up for a bitter time of it. The barb was
> >intended for you not the venerable Mr. Higgins. I was in bad humor when I
> >got online. It seems I still held some rancor due to your initial
> >quisling insults castigating Fluxlist some digests back.When I read the
> >word
> >of the day both definitions reminded me of you. Goodness, forgive me. I
> >sincerely accepted your issuance as a challenge, and I was delighted by
> >the responses (some digests back). But, I suppose, natural instinct to
> >strike back often prevails. We are all not much more than boiled, jellied
> >oatmeal...
> >
> >So, you see, Mr. Higgins score, as you know, requires working with butter
> >and egg for a time.
> >The recipe for flummery calls for working with milk, flour and egg for a
> >time.
> >It was the second definition of flummery which struck my attention with
> >phrase "unsubstantial talk." I see your initial criticisms, though
> >phrased, basically unsubstantial talk.
> >
> >That does not mean I have not enjoyed your participation in the list. And
> >suppose I am still a secret admirer.
> >suse
> >
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