Meet the Chairman of Disciplinary Commission:

Alan Bowman, attorney and black belt
When not battling personal injury and wrongful death litigation as a
certified specialist, attorney C. Alan Bowman studies martial arts -
smoothly meshing its philosophies of integrity, courtesy, perseverance,
self-discipline and an indomitable spirit into his practice of law and his
duties as chair of the Disciplinary Commission of the Arizona Supreme Court.

Alan Bowman - Research Interests
My main interest is in the physiology of arthropods, especially ticks and
their salivary glands and saliva. The salivary glands are vital organs to
the tick and occupy about one-third of the tick's body. The glands are the
site of pathogen development and the saliva is the route of disease
transmission. I have on-going projects on:
Fatty Acid Binding Proteins in Tick Salivary Glands
Tick salivary glands contain an intracellular fatty acid binding protein
(FABP) postulated to play a role in arachidonate and eicosanoid metabolism.
This project assesses the ligand binding characteristics of the recombinant
tick FABP and investigates the regulation and localization of its
Programmed Cell Death in Tick Salivary Glands
After adult ticks have fed on the host, the salivary glands are no longer
needed and degenerate over the next few days. This project investigates the
mechanisms of this deliberate and non-pathological process and studies the
genes and proteins involved.
Immunomodulators in Tick Saliva
Ticks remain attached to the host for many days without eliciting an immune
or inflammatory response capable of rejecting the tick. Compounds in the
saliva suppress the host's inflammatory and immune response. This project
investigates what these factors are and how they function.

alan bowman
wedding, editorial, architectural and social photographer
alan bowman is a hampshire ( uk ) based photographer who covers the home
counties. broadly experienced in social, commercial and editorial
as a social photographer he specialises in weddings and black and white
portraiture offering the client an individually hand printed product of
superb quality.
he is a commercial photographer who can offer you a professional quality
pack shot for product brochures and advertising literature, editorial press
and pr portraiture undertaken for brochure and magazine publications
 SummaryAlan Bowman XBox Australia Interview Description
AusGamers interviews XBox Australia Director Alan Bowman at the Australian
launch on 16 November.

Covers topics such as the XBox's broadband capabilities, Microsoft's
dedication to making the XBox a gaming system first and foremost, some
information on the hardware including CPU and DVD.
Alan: The Xbox is new technology and we're expecting it to increase the size
of the market. One of the things we saw in the US this year, with the Xbox
coming along and products from other competitors, the market grew in excess
of fifty percent. So in Australia this year, the business has grown about
twenty percent, so once we launch and other products come out, you are going
to see the market grow quite significantly.

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