hi alan,

the portrtait of secret fluxus is growing into a very interesting site
don't your think??? 
i am working on my web site (very slowly)  and am making progress so i
am noticing how everything is put together.  you really are quite expert.

i love the geordie dictionary as i indulge in british murder mysteries
some set in the scotish highlands so now i know that chuffed is good
whereas i thought it was not good. how is it pronounced? i like them
because the american murder mysteries are too mean and violent and those
from the uk are not.   i'm still working on reading the fluxus expeience
and am about half way.  

yesterday a pink mashboy arrived in the mail, it is sitting on my
computer; a bonus day as i also received a package from zoe march with
an added toy which is a snake that grows in water. mine has doubled
since yesterday. it was a real fluxus day!

well chickadee, i've got to walk tenshi and start the day. how is the
dynamic duo?

bests, carol


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