Bag a bugs
s lab n umber ba g whee dled ,crêpe
yr bollo b last an s leeping  .h ush dance
,denser than ,a cuspid draining from the
top  .an ras h  .dud count ,caulked for
hours ,coughing in the rain you itched an
bought ,blats an crowned ,dug an chiggered
S lap
streak your gates against the lap the lab
rustles snaked yr tumba throat yr
rake flavor gushing luster an a tuna
bake yr foghorn cruncher slabbed
the locos logo like a lago drenched
with dust  .break yr fates against the
seep sot ,you c aged me on e me
kn eeling d rain the cor nhusk shad
ow sho ulder ,mild ew lights the w
all’s ga zer m ate the on ly fun
d ope ns awk the g razing c off el f loor 
.g uns ‘n g rains ‘n g erms ‘n ,grinning gristle

John M. Bennett

Dr. John M. Bennett     
Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Av Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

(614) 292-3029

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