It baffles me.. why one would feel that they need/want/deserve/feel in-titled to the fluxus label on their work or selves. I wouldn't consider the things that I make and do to be Fluxus, rather I might note that my inspiration and theory is sometimes derived from fluxus or more accurately parts of fluxus, Just as some folks associated with Fluxus were inspired by, shared and developed theories that stemmed from DADA and earlier Avant Gardes or the idea that Cage transformed Duchamp's ideas of the ready made and distinction into his ideas on music and composition (4'33")

Why do we need to use Fluxus as a label?
I taught a section on Fluxus in a 3d design/intro to sculpture class a few years ago. I had my students research Fluxus starting with Dick Higgins 'A child's history of Fluxus' all the way up to the 'Performance Workbook'. They were then asked to develop their own Fluxus scores and perform them the next class. The results were wonderful and I was really amazed at how much they understood the material and made it their own, though I wouldn't consider my students to be Fluxus artists. They were inspired by Fluxus and what they did was create works derivative of the ideas and formats they found in Fluxus. Even though we may make works that stem from the ideas in fluxus, We can't just call ourselves Fluxus artists. So where is the solution? Are we Fluxus or are we not? Who is Fluxus?
How do we distinguish between the fluxus of today and the fluxus of yesterday?
Owen has a very nice way of doing this, he describes what he does as not fluxus but 'fluxist'. For me Fluxus is an idea that seems to permeate the lives of those who discover and continue to research it and it continues to spread and mutate into many forms and ways of doing things.


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