Now I feel really silly!

That's what happens when I try to read my e-mail too quickly. I suppose that
the Fluxlist is actually quite closely related to the Fluxlist after all.
Where's the unsend button when you need it?


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Thought this might be of interest to many--
>liveartwork DVD issue 3, July 2006 Now Released!
>July sees the release of the third issue of liveartwork DVD, a unique 
>publication which showcases contemporary, international performance art 
>Issue 3 features documentation of the debut of Lone Twin Theatre's 
>first narrative based theatre work, 'Alice Bell'; extracts from the 
>most recent appearance by legendary performance art group Black Market 
>International and 'FunnySorryJesus', Norwegian performance theatre 
>group Baktruppen's very unique interpretation of the Bible. Also 
>featured are solo performance works from Sylvette Babin (Canada), Paul 
>Granjon (UK) and Mark Wayman (UK).
>With a new issue published every three months, liveartwork DVD aims to 
>present an overview of contemporary performance art practice to an 
>international audience.
>Remember, all issues of liveartwork DVD are available in both PAL and 
>NTSC video formats.
>See the liveartwork DVD website at www.liveartwork.com/dvd for full 
>details about the publication, the artists and works featured on issue 
>liveartwork DVD issue 3 is published on DVD-R, PAL or NTSC format discs 
>and costs 10 Euros for individual orders, including international 
>postage costs. liveartwork DVD can be ordered using most credit / debit 
>cards, PayPal or bank transfer. For details of how to order see:
>Copies of the two previous issues of liveartwork DVD can also be 
>ordered on the website.
>liveartwork DVD welcomes submissions of video documentation of live 
>performance art works for possible inclusion in future issues. If you 
>wish to make a submission please read the guidelines at 
>liveartwork Homepage:
>Please also take a look at the liveartwork homepage at 
>www.liveartwork.com which provides a range of resources for the 
>international performance art community.
>Christopher Hewitt
>liveartwork DVD
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