skank n slump n sits n sot n sheep n shore n
bot n rum n  hiss n seep n wrap n stock n
kop n kwack n kork n kute n kut n kock n
flapper n muzzle n beagle n lumber n snot n vote n
art n ass n aft n angle n angina n amble n
amber n virginia n tangle n daft n bass n part n
note n not n number n needle n nuzzle n nappie n
flock n strut n chute n spork n flack n slop n
krock n krap n keep n kiss n krum n kot n
score n bleep n slot n splits n slam n skink


your acid deflux steadied on the floor
our pension rumor founded in the socket
your mindful stunning boiling in the teething
our fortress spindrift  bolted on the dashboard
your ribboned clicker bested on the bedframe
our moldy cornbread skybox in the slapstick
your melty cornblow skyward in the slapdash
our bourbon flicker vested on the boardroom
your fundus sipwad molted on the carwash
our minefield stunted roiling in the earring
your tension tumor fondled in the pocket
our aphid mailbox stymied on the spoor

John M. Bennett & Jim Leftwich

Dr. John M. Bennett     
Curator, Avant Writing Collection
Rare Books & Manuscripts Library
The Ohio State University Libraries
1858 Neil Av Mall
Columbus, OH 43210 USA

(614) 292-3029

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