Hi Ralph and Marian,
I just purchased a used Pouch RZ85, and I was wondering if you could tell me a few things about it.
On the 'ladder' or extensible floor of the boat, the words 'RZ85' and 'Veb FAVORIT Taudia' are printed.  Does this give you any information about the year the boat was made?  I'm just trying to figure out exactly how old it is.
Also, what kind of wood was used for the longerons, and other long pieces.  There are a couple of cracks, and I'd like to replace the compromised wood with something new, preferably with wood of the same type.
Do you know what the hull skin is made from (I assume some kind of PVC)?  I need to patch a small cut, and was wondering what the best method/adhesive would be to do that.  The boat came with a small sheet of patching material, but no glue of any kind.
I was also planning to add keel strips to the hull.  Any advice on this (materials/adhesives)?
Any tips and recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your time,
Erik Kunze

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