On Wed, 2008-04-23 at 23:43 -0600, Michael FIG wrote:
> John Leuner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I've been working on an experimental port of jolt-burg. The main difference 
> > is
> > that my implementation language is Common Lisp and that my compiler targets
> > relocatable ELF object files.
> Interesting!
> I was inspired by you, and tried my hand at getting similar changes
> into jolt2.  The attached patch should apply cleanly on top of SVN
> -r407, followed by my jolt2-fixes.patch that I posted earlier.
> It would be really nice to implement a few more CodeGenerator backends
> to bypass assembly language entirely and generate binaries.

It shouldn't be too different from what is there already. Although we
have a "static" and "dynamic" generator, the dynamic generator is
perfect for generating relocatable code which can then be linked into a
static executable.

> Slink has a naive three-region model for assembler output.  First
> comes a bss section with all the variables, then a data section with
> all the strings, then finally a text section with all the compiled
> functions.  To my knowledge, this is adequate for the platforms on
> which COLA already runs, but of course it would be good to be able to
> provide something akin to linker scripts in the future to allow much
> more flexible layout.

For my simple tests I have managed with a .text and .data segment (plus
a list of relocations and a symbol table).

I haven't implemented any initializers for static variables like you
have though.


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