On 10/05/10 04:59, Alan Kay wrote:
There are already
quite a few Smalltalk elements in Factor (and the postfix language
itself (for most things) could be used as the byte-code engine for a
Smalltalk (looking backwards) and for more adventurous designs (looking

Factor already has a Smalltalk implementation (a parser and compiler to Factor code) that Slava did a while back as a proof of concept. I'm not sure how performant or complete it is however.

Dan Amelang has been moving Nile to a really nice place, and it would be
relatively easy to retarget the OMeta compiler for this (particularly
the JS grounded one) to ground in Factor.

Is there a Nile grammar somewhere? I tried searching for it and didn't come up with anything. I see Dan's github repository but it doesn't seem to include the Ometa definition.


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