--- Comment #6 from Michael J Gruber <> ---
(In reply to Nicolas Mailhot from comment #3)
> The transition from Type 1 already happened years ago while you were not
> looking. 

Keep issueing personal accusations and get flagged.

> Thanks to TEX Gyre, and LibreOffice dropping Type1 support, and years of
> work by many people, including myself, including documentation work.
> The main Fedora application that uses vector fonts, LibreOffice, deprecated
> them in version 5.3, so that makes it a Fedora 26 change (6 releases ago)

LibreOffice is not Fedora's only font consumer - by far it is not. In fact,
everything depending on pango/harfbuzz supported type1 up to and including
Fedora 30. That is the whole point why users should be informed before the
upgrade F30 -> F31.

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