For Fedora 28 we have Changes to make Google Noto CJK fonts the default for
Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This provides a number of advantages include
new Serif faces, and Mono fonts for terminals etc.

However it comes at a cost: there are 7 weights for each of the Sans and
Serif fonts for each of the four languages.  Additionally the Mono fonts
are only available in very large CJK coverage versions.

and for size details.

We would like to propose an exception for google-noto-cjk-fonts for Fedora
28 where we will subpackage the extra weight variants to save a lot of
space on the Live images and other media.

This will reduce Live images by about 250MB or more by only shipping the
Regular and Bold weights, or even more if we only shipped Regular.
Otherwise we will see a big impact on iso sizes across the distro which
could aversely affect the release.

For Fedora 29 we plan to move to the more compact OpenType Collection
version of the fonts which will provide a considerable saving, but it seems
too late to make a such a big change now for F28.

Since East Asian fonts are so large, I think it makes sense to have a
packaging exception for CJK fonts to allow the subpackaging of weight
variants: it could be done with metapackages to make it more obvious (we
could even do one package per weight and have a meta package that pulls
them all in, if that makes it more clear and discoverable).

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