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> For Fedora 28 we have Changes to make Google Noto CJK fonts the default
> for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This provides a number of advantages
> include new Serif faces, and Mono fonts for terminals etc.
> However it comes at a cost: there are 7 weights for each of the Sans and
> Serif fonts for each of the four languages.  Additionally the Mono fonts
> are only available in very large CJK coverage versions.
> See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1562315
> and https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation/issue/46 for size details.
> We would like to propose an exception for google-noto-cjk-fonts for Fedora
> 28 where we will subpackage the extra weight variants to save a lot of
> space on the Live images and other media.
> This will reduce Live images by about 250MB or more by only shipping the
> Regular and Bold weights, or even more if we only shipped Regular.
> Otherwise we will see a big impact on iso sizes across the distro which
> could aversely affect the release.
> For Fedora 29 we plan to move to the more compact OpenType Collection
> version of the fonts which will provide a considerable saving, but it seems
> too late to make a such a big change now for F28.
> Since East Asian fonts are so large, I think it makes sense to have a
> packaging exception for CJK fonts to allow the subpackaging of weight
> variants: it could be done with metapackages to make it more obvious (we
> could even do one package per weight and have a meta package that pulls
> them all in, if that makes it more clear and discoverable).

Agree with mentioned issue. If we want to give value to users from proposed
change i think we need to do some tweaking. Last time i installed all Noto
CJK fonts and size was around 1GB+.   As a non-CJK user, i definitely not
required entire collection of CJK fonts but only 1 variant is sufficient to
avoid Tofu.

Will be nice if we can allow this exception to sub-packaging at variant
level for this release and try other options for FY19 (.ttc)

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